COVID-19 UPDATE (April 2021)

As of Tuesday 13th April 2021, we are once again permitted to allow customer access to the shop!

For the safety of all, please observe the following:

1) Mask must be worn
2) Social distancing (minimum 2m)
3) Use hand sanitizer
4) Maximum of two people at a time (people from the same household may count as one, but please remain in the same vicinity)
5) Maximum 15 minutes in the shop

Initially, our opening times will be as follows (though these will be extended, in the fullness of time):
Tues, Wed, Thurs: 11am-3pm (earlier or later, by prior arrangement, if needed)
Friday: If needed, by prior arrangement/appointment, only
Saturday: 11am-1pm 
Please check our Facebook page (there's a 'feed' at the bottom of this website homepage), for the latest information and guidance.
To contact us, please use Phone (mobile)/Text/WhatsApp (07973 478294); Messenger; Facebook; Email.
Should you have any questions or require any support, please feel free to contact us, via any of the available media.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!
Keep safe, well and happy!


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